Clavier Arab
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It's Easier than Ever to Use Arabic

People often think of computers as a international tool. After all, most people use computers to access content from all over the world. It's easy to assume that any computer will function the same no matter where in the world one might be. But it's also quite common for people who have that expectation to meet an unpleasant reality. Because while it's true that the basic infrastructure of computers is fairly standardized, language support isn't. The vast majority of computers will only ship with support for a limited number of languages. In general this is a holdover from a time when the space required to store a language's full character set was quite significant. But whatever the reason, the fact is that people will often find themselves at a computer which doesn't support their primary language. And worse, adding support for a new language will usually require a level of administrative access which people don't possess.

Virtual software to get around the problem

Thankfully, there are ways around this problem. One of the best solutions for Arabic speakers is something known as clavier arab. Using it is quite simple. All one needs to do is load up the website and click the text field above the page's keyboard. After that one will essentially be sitting in front of a virtualized Arabic interface. The virtual clavier arab can be used to type out text using the Arabic character set. And it'll work on almost any computer, no matter what the language restrictions on it are set to.

The ultimate in compatibility

One of the most amazing things about using a virtual keyboard comes from the level of compatibility it provides. Even if the operating system doesn't support Arabic, programs will still accept text written in that character set. This means that one can simply copy text written with the virtual keyboard and paste it into any other program.